Preventive Treatment

At Dr. Martin's office, we take a special interest in your oral hygiene routine. We truly believe in prevention so that you can avoid many unnecessary oral conditions. A good oral care routine at home can prevent future problems such as decay and gum disease. We work with our patients on home care techniques to support their health and wellness, and Dr. Martin offers examinations, professional dental cleanings, digital dental x-rays, and customized treatment plans.

Periodic Oral Exams

Some people maintain the misconception that if nothing is wrong, you don’t need to go to the dentist, but the truth is that periodic oral exams can often help us identify a condition in its very early stages, before it causes pain and inconvenience. Dr. Martin will perform a full exam on each of your teeth as well as your gums, your bite, and the inside of your mouth.

She will note any changes she sees in your oral health and share any concerns she might have so that together, you can decide on treatment.

Oral Cancer Screening

While oral cancer is not particularly difficult to treat in its early stages, most people receive a late diagnosis, making it one of the more deadly cancers. Your dentist is your best bet for an early diagnosis – meaning a better chance for survival.

Dr. Martin is familiar with the signs of the early stages of oral cancer and will look for any suspicious lesions or pre-cancerous areas at each of your exams, alerting you of anything that requires your attention.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Even if your brushing and flossing skills are among the best, it is impossible for you to reach every area of your teeth with brushing and flossing alone. Despite your best efforts, calculus (tartar) can build over time and cause sensitivity, discoloration, and periodontal disease. Our dental hygienist is highly skilled, extremely gentle, and will remove calculus from those hard-to-reach areas like between your teeth and beneath your gum line, leaving you with a smooth, clean smile.

The frequency of your professional cleanings depends on your unique biology. Many patients stay completely healthy by having two professional cleanings per year, while others may benefit from more frequent cleanings if they have a tendency to build plaque or relapse into periodontal disease. Dr. Martin will recommend a dental hygiene treatment plan that will keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Some patients wonder if x-rays are really a necessary part of their treatment. We use dental x-rays to diagnose conditions we can’t see upon visual examination alone. In many cases, digital x-rays help us diagnose decay, bone loss, or infection much faster than waiting for a dental emergency. When we diagnose conditions early, we can save our patients time and money.

Digital dental x-rays are safe, emitting up to 80% less radiation than traditional films, and provide greater accuracy due to high-resolution technology.

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