Sedation Dentistry

Having a fear of the dentist can keep you from seeking the treatment you need to stay healthy. Millions of Americans suffer from varying levels of dental anxiety ranging from mild stress to debilitating fear. No matter what your dental fear feels like, it can make your dental appointments something you dread.

That is why Dr. Sarira Martin, DDS, PC, offers sedation dentistry at our Highlands Ranch, CO dental office. She understands that not everyone feels relaxed in her treatment chair, and she is completely dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. 

Dr. Martin approaches patients and treatment in a highly personalized way. We never want you to feel rushed at our office or like you are just another number on a chart. That is why we intentionally keep our office small and personal. We never double book appointments and always leave plenty of time for you to express your feelings and concerns.

We understand that for some people, their dental phobia may feel so intense that they require some form of sedation to make the appointment bearable. Don’t worry! We never take it personally. In fact, we provide three levels of sedation to help our patients relax during treatment. 

Nitrous Oxide Sedation 

Our mildest form of sedation, nitrous oxide, helps to take the edge off by using an inhaled gas mixed with oxygen. In fact, you might know it as laughing gas because it sometimes creates a feeling of euphoria. Dr. Martin controls the amount of sedation you receive with the turn of a lever, so you always feel relaxed. 

Nitrous oxide enters and leaves your body quickly, which means that you can drive yourself to and from your appointment. This level of sedation will be out of your system completely just minutes after we complete your procedure.

Oral Conscious Sedation 

The next level of sedation we offer is called oral conscious sedation. Dr. Martin will assist you in feeling comfortable for your appointment by prescribing medication that allows you to relax. Oral conscious sedation allows you to relax fully and provides relief from long appointments by making you feel as though you are in a dream-like state.

Because the effects of oral conscious sedation may last all day, you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. We will perform a full medical history prior to prescribing medication so that we can avoid drug interactions and make sure that you are healthy enough for sedation. 

General Anesthetic

The strongest level of sedation we offer is general anesthetic. Unlike the previous two forms, you will not be conscious for your procedure. We administer general anesthetic through an IV and monitor your vitals during treatment. Since you will feel groggy after treatment, you will need someone to take care of you and drive you home from your appointment. General anesthetic is highly effective, but comes with risks. Dr. Martin will discuss those with you during a consultation.

Call Us to Set up a Consultation Today 

If dental anxiety is holding you back from getting the treatment you need to stay healthy, call us today. We can discuss your options with you so that you receive the level of care that provides you with comfort. 

We look forward to making your dental experience a positive one.