Fillings and Bonding

Since most patients experience dental decay at some point during their lives, at the office of Highlands Ranch dentist Dr. Sarira Martin, DDS, PC, we wanted to provide the solution that gave the best results and helped to retain the beauty of your smile. That is why we use composite, tooth-colored restorations at our office instead of old silver fillings.

Composite fillings have the added benefit of allowing us to retain much of your natural tooth structure. We use this conservative approach whenever possible, because we know that your natural teeth are the healthiest and most affordable option.

Kovanaze Nasal Spray

Kovonaze is a nasal spray alternative to traditional shots. The spray numbs your front teeth. To learn more please visit their website here or give us a call today. Here is a PDF with more info as well. 

What Causes Tooth Decay

Contrary to popular belief, cavities do not actually come from eating sugary foods. However, when you leave bacteria in your mouth and on your teeth for too long, sugar provides them with a necessary fuel source.

The bacteria on your teeth and gums create an acidic environment that softens the protective enamel on your teeth, eventually leading to decay.

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

At our Highlands Ranch, CO dental office, we take your comfort seriously. Not only do we take the time to ensure that our patients are completely comfortable for their appointments, but we also offer nitrous oxide and other forms of sedation for patients with dental anxiety. We want to do whatever it takes for you to have a positive experience while you are with us.

Before placing a filling in your teeth, removing all traces of decay and bacteria is essential so that your remaining tooth structure is healthy. Dr. Sarira Martin, DDS, PC will choose a color of composite that matches your teeth closely so no one notices that you have a filling. 

Dr. Martin fills your cavity by applying the composite in layers and allowing the restoration to harden. Shaping and polishing is the final step to make any small changes necessary to ensure a natural, seamless appearance to your filling. 

Dental Bonding

We can utilize the same versatile composite resin for dental bonding as we use for fillings. This allows us to correct minor flaws and damage without the need for a large amount of tooth prep or lab time. Dr. Martin can use dental bonding to fix gaps in your smile, repair chips, reshape misaligned teeth, and create even edges.

Dental bonding can happen right in our office in one appointment. Dr. Martin is an artist when it comes to shaping, repairing, and restoring the health and beauty of your smile. 

Call Us for a Consultation

If you suspect you have decay or even if it has just been awhile since you have had a dental exam and you want to make sure that you are completely healthy, call our office to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!