Crowns and Bridges

If you think about the force that your teeth absorb from daily use, it is not surprising that they often sustain damage. At the Highlands Ranch dental office of Dr. Sarira Martin, DDS, PC, we focus on restoring and protecting your teeth whenever possible with the best restorative materials and latest procedures to stabilize your smile.

When Is a Crown Necessary?

If your tooth sustains damage or deep decay but is not so severely damaged that it requires an extraction, Dr. Martin may recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth. Other cases where crowns are helpful are in the creation of dental bridges as well as after a root canal procedure.

Unlike a filling, a dental crown completely covers your tooth, providing additional support to keep your tooth from cracking, splitting, or causing pain while you chew. Dental crowns also match your smile because we create each one on an individual basis so that it complements your adjacent teeth in size, shape, and color.

How We Create Dental Crowns

We will need to take an impression of your teeth to create an accurate crown. Not only is it important that your crown fits your damaged tooth, but it must also fit properly with your adjacent and opposing teeth. We work with a highly skilled dental lab to make sure that your crown looks and feels great.

While the lab creates your custom crown, Dr. Martin will provide you with a protective temporary to keep your tooth clean and comfortable. Once we receive your permanent dental crown, Dr. Martin will bond it permanently and make any final adjustments necessary to ensure a proper fit.

Traditional Dental Bridges

We also utilize dental crowns to create traditional dental bridges. When you lose a tooth, the gap in your smile can be embarrassing. In fact, it not only affects how you look, it also affects the health of your occlusion (bite), and your other teeth. A gap in your smile encourages your remaining teeth to shift toward the gap.

A dental bridge fills in the space in your smile and acts as a placeholder for your missing tooth. Dental bridges require us to prep your adjacent teeth with specialty crowns, called abutments. The abutment crowns hold an artificial tooth in place, called a pontic. Your bridge will be one unit and will require special care to keep it healthy and comfortable.

For multiple missing teeth, an implant-supported bridge or partial denture may be an option for effective tooth replacement.

Kovanaze Nasal Spray

Kovonaze is a nasal spray alternative to traditional shots. The spray numbs your front teeth. To learn more please visit their website here or give us a call today. Here is a PDF with more info as well. 

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If you have damaged or missing teeth, contact our Highlands Ranch, CO dental office to schedule an evaluation. Dr. Martin will work with you to determine the best treatment options to restore the health of your smile and provide you with the personalized, gentle care you deserve.