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What should I do about bleeding gums?

If their gums feel tender, people often stop brushing and flossing, thinking they are allowing themselves time to heal. However, stopping your daily care routines can actually make the problem worse. If your gums bleed, feel tender, or look swollen, you may have gum disease. 

The correct response to gum disease is to brush and floss more thoroughly and to schedule a professional dental cleaning with our hygienist so that we can help you get back on track to good health.

Allowing gum disease to go untreated is dangerous. Researchers linked the presence of gum disease to a number of other systemic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Bleeding gums are your body’s way of asking for your attention, and the best way you can handle it is with ta visit to your dentist.

Treatment of periodontal disease usually requires one or more specialized dental cleanings designed to eliminate bacteria, calculus, and plaque from your teeth so that healing can begin. Dr. Martin may recommend oral medications to speed the healing process along. In many cases, we can reverse the symptoms of gum disease, but in order to stay healthy, regular dental cleanings and exams are essential.


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